Risk Assessments During Pandemic: The Standard Is Still the Standard

Responses to the global COVID-19 pandemic have required compliance departments at global companies across industries to change the way they operate and, as a result, dynamic risk has never been more variable or difficult to assess than in the current pandemic. Yet, risk assessments remain the foundation for a robust compliance program. In a guest article, David Peet and William Semins, partners at K&L Gates, discuss enforcers’ expectations for risk assessments during the pandemic and suggest reasonable risk assessment strategies as the pandemic lingers longer than most expected or like. See our four-part guide to risk assessments: “Types of Assessments” (Jun. 26, 2019); “Techniques and Building a Team” (Aug. 7, 2019); “Where to Look for Risk and Risk Ranking” (Sep. 4, 2019); and “Wrapping Up and Avoiding Pitfalls” (Jan. 22, 2020).

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