The Anti-Corruption Report’s Guide to Risk Assessments: Wrapping Up and Avoiding Pitfalls

Performing a risk assessment is a complicated process that requires planning up front and significant resources to execute, but it is on the back end where the real value of the assessment is revealed. Once areas of risk are identified and ranked, the risk assessors must draft a report, share their findings with management, formulate an action plan and follow up to make sure those recommendations are implemented. In this final installment of the Anti-Corruption Report’s Guide to Risk Assessments, we take a close look at the dénouement of a risk assessment and highlight three strategies for avoiding pitfalls during the process. See the first three parts in our guide to risk assessments: “Types of Assessments” (Jun. 26, 2019); “Techniques and Building a Team” (Aug. 7, 2019); and “Where to Look for Risk and Risk Ranking” (Sep. 4, 2019).

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