AB InBev’s C2CRIGHT Initiative: Using Split Learning to Protect Privacy While Working Together

Corruption is a societal problem, involving multiple players and not limited to individual companies. Matt Galvin, global vice president, ethics and compliance, at AB InBev, argues that, because corruption is essentially a collective action problem, the best way to combat it is for companies to work together to develop strong anti-corruption tools. In the first article in this two-part series, we looked at how Galvin’s C2CRIGHT initiative will work. In this second article, we uncover some of the barriers to participating in such a project and how Galvin and his team plan to alleviate those concerns. See our three-part series on artificial intelligence for anti-corruption compliance: “Foundations” (Oct. 28, 2020); “Building a Model” (Dec. 2, 2020); and “Five Workarounds for Asymmetric Data Sets” (Feb. 3, 2021).

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