AB InBev’s C2CRIGHT Initiative: Can Companies Work Together to Prevent Corruption?

For most companies, preventing corruption is a solo affair. They write codes, devise internal controls and train employees with a little help from law firms and consultants, a smattering of benchmarking against peer organizations, but mostly on their own. Matt Galvin, global vice president, ethics and compliance, at AB InBev, thinks there is a better way. He is working to use AB InBev’s in-house compliance analytics system – called BrewRIGHT – to create a consortium of companies that will work together to build smarter, more effective compliance analytics by pooling resources. In the first part of this two-part series, we look at why cooperation might be helpful in the anti-corruption compliance space and outline how the consortium, called C2CRIGHT, will work. In the second part, we explore how the initiative will handle data privacy and other possible concerns. For more on BrewRIGHT, see “Lessons From AB InBev’s Data Analytics Program: The Future is BRIGHT, and the Future Is Now” (Oct. 17, 2018).

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