Artificial Intelligence for Anti-Corruption Compliance: Foundations

While artificial intelligence (AI) can conjure images of talking robots in the distant future, what does it look like today and how can compliance programs make use of it? In this first article in the Anti-Corruption Report’s series exploring AI solutions for anti-corruption compliance, we attempt to demystify how data, analytics, algorithms, models, machine learning and artificial intelligence can work together to make a compliance program stronger and more predictive. Future articles will look at the process of building an AI solution and the unique challenges of working with AI in the anti-corruption space. See our four-part series on measuring compliance: “Getting Started” (Aug. 2, 2017); “Seven Areas of Compliance to Measure” (Aug. 16, 2017); “How to Measure Quality” (Sep. 6, 2017); and “Gathering and Analyzing Data” (Sep. 20, 2017).

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