A Comparative Look at COVID-19 Corruption Risk and Response in Latin America and the U.S.

Governments around the world are spending huge amounts of money to address the COVID‑19 pandemic, noted Demarest Advogados partner Eloy Rizzo at a recent seminar co-sponsored by his firm and law firms Buckley; CMS Rodríguez-Azuero; Marval, O’ Farrell & Mairal; and Von Wobeser y Sierra. The massive number of new contracts makes it much harder for governments to audit them, greatly increasing the risk of corruption, as does the relaxation of public procurement procedures. The speakers focused on the anti-corruption enforcement climates in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and the United States, the measures those nations have implemented to address the pandemic, the emerging corruption risks associated with those measures and how they are combating that corruption. See “The Fraud Triangle, Corruption and the COVID-19 Crisis” (May 27, 2020).

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