Using a Code of Conduct to Drive Engagement With Compliance and Ethics

Revitalizing a company’s code of conduct can be a time- and resource-intensive process. The benefits of such an investment, however, can go well beyond the creation of a new, enticing foundational document. With some advance planning, a compliance department can use the code as a springboard for creating sustainable employee engagement with the company’s ethics program. When beginning a modernization process, a company should consider two things: how it can drive employees to use the code itself and how it can use the code to generate excitement about corporate ethics. The Anti-Corruption Report spoke with in-house professionals from a wide variety of companies about how they approach marketing their updated codes. See our three-part series on modernizing a code of conduct: “What to Consider Before Drafting” (Jul. 25, 2018); “Choosing a Medium and Drafting” (Aug. 8, 2018); and “What to Include ” (Sep. 5, 2018).

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