Knowing Your Partners: Three Steps to Reduce FCPA Risk from Third Party Intermediaries

The failure to pre-screen and monitor third party intermediaries (TPI) are the root causes of many recent FCPA investigations.  Thus, devising and implementing a consistent process for TPI due diligence and auditing, as well as understanding regulatory differences across the globe, are “must do” items for companies operating overseas.  Marc Miller, a partner in the New York forensic and risk consulting practice of KPMG LLP, recently shared his advice on identifying and mitigating risks involving TPIs in a webinar sponsored by compliance software developer Aravo Solutions, Inc. entitled “The Increasing Business Risk of FCPA Failures.”  Miller suggested that companies focus on three steps when it comes to third parties, each of which is described in detail in this article.  Miller also discussed his view on recent enforcement trends, informed by the Guidance.

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