Gifts, Travel, Entertainment and Anti-Corruption Compliance: Sources of Authority, Best Practices and Benchmarking

FCPA experts report that gifts, travel and entertainment expenses are one of the most asked-about areas in anti-corruption compliance and the answers can be surprisingly hard to come by.  A recent Strafford webinar provided experienced practitioners’ insights into navigating the potentially perilous shoals surrounding these expenses.  The program, “FCPA Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality: Surviving Heightened Enforcement,” featured Margaret M. Cassidy, a principal at Cassidy Law in Washington, D.C., and John E. Davis, a member of law firm Miller & Chevalier.  Cassidy and Davis discussed available sources of guidance on gifts, travel and entertainment expenses, sources of guidance for benchmarking compliance controls and insights on implementing effective policies with regard to gifts, travel and entertainment.  This article summarizes the key takeaways from that presentation.  See “Ten Strategies for Paying for Government Clients to Attend the Olympics or Other Sporting Events without Violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act” (Jun. 6, 2012).

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