FCPA Corporate Settlements of 2013: Details, Trends and Compliance Takeaways

FCPA enforcement got off to a slow start in 2013, with no official corporate FCPA settlements announced until the beginning of the second quarter.  Experts dove into the vacuum, speculating about whether the lack of settlements signaled a downturn in the government’s commitment to enforcement.  As the year progressed, however, enforcement picked up.  While the statistics were slightly down from 2012, as of press time, the DOJ and SEC had reached nine settlement agreements with corporations, including multiple DPAs and the SEC’s first-ever NPA.  The government assessed over $650 million in fines, disgorgement and penalties from the settling companies, with company settlements ranging from $1 million to a staggering $398 million.  This article discusses four compelling enforcement trends and summarizes the settlements and their compliance takeaways.  See also “Seven Key Trends That Are Changing the FCPA Enforcement and Compliance Landscape” (Jul. 10. 2013).

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