Sarah Powell at Pearson on Building a Third-Party Due Diligence Process

In terms of sheer volume, third-party due diligence may be the biggest task a compliance program can undertake. Without a due diligence system in place, the process can be messy and overwhelming, but building such a system has its own challenges. The Anti-Corruption Report recently spoke with Sarah Powell who is charged with overseeing the global third-party program at publishing company Pearson. She walked us through how her team built a centralized third-party onboarding system on a tight budget and timeframe. See “A Guide to Anti-Corruption Representations in Third-Party Contracts: Nine Clauses to Include (Part One of Two)” (Jun. 25, 2014); “Clauses for High-Risk Situations and Enforcement Strategies (Part Two)” (Jul. 9, 2014).

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