Taking Advantage of the Intersection of ESG and Compliance

With each day bringing new attention to the ways in which environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are making their way into corporate board decisions and management philosophies, corporates – from multinationals to small- and medium-sized enterprises – may find themselves facing the question of how, from a practical perspective, they can begin to implement an approach to ESG management. In a guest article, Bryan Sillaman and Alexandra Poe, partners at Hughes Hubbard, explain that while there is no “copy/paste” solution to what should be an individualized and in-depth exercise, there are key lessons and strategies that companies can take from the development of a corporate ethics and compliance program that can help in establishing an approach towards ESG. They focus on the areas of intersection and overlap, and how companies can exploit those in a meaningful and productive way for their organization.  See “Five Steps to Establishing a Corporate ESG Policy for the Present Moment” (Oct. 28, 2020).

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