Christopher Annand of Cargill Discusses the Importance of Generating, Gathering and Putting Training Data to Work

The DOJ and other anti-corruption enforcement authorities have made clear that companies need to be gathering and analyzing data about their compliance programs. Training programs can be a rich source of data for a company to mine but, to get the best results, data output should be a consideration from the get-go. In a recent interview, the Anti-Corruption Report spoke with Christopher Annand, who is responsible for the global mandatory compliance curriculum at Cargill. He discussed how he designs his trainings with the goal of collecting insightful data at every step in the process. For more on how to measure a compliance program, see our four part series: “Getting Started” (Aug. 2, 2017); “Seven Areas of Compliance to Measure” (Aug. 16, 2017); “How to Measure Quality” (Sep. 6, 2017); and “Gathering and Analyzing Data” (Sep. 20, 2017).

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