COVID-19 Lands in Latin America: Mitigation Strategies for Increased Corruption Risk

COVID‑19 cases are increasing throughout Latin America, leading to billions of dollars in aid pouring into the private sphere via Latin American government programs and entities, while governments launch stay-at-home orders. In this guest article, Ropes & Gray partners Nicholas Berg and Maria Gonzalez Calvet, along with associates Nicole Horowitz and Krista Evensen, explore scandals around the region and the world arising from past humanitarian crises to better understand how the COVID‑19 crisis poses unique risks given already elevated corruption concerns in Latin America. They then identify four areas of heightened corruption risk and offer four recommendations for how a company’s compliance program can mitigate these risks. See “How the Continued Political Fallout From the Odebrecht Scandal Is Affecting Anti-Corruption Efforts in Latin America (Part One of Two)” (May 30, 2018); Part Two (Jun. 13, 2018).

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