Five Steps for Companies Facing an OECD National Contact Point Process

Over the last decade, the growing materiality of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks has been accompanied – and spurred – by the increasing prominence of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms for ESG disputes. These mechanisms take many forms, each with its own particularities, but they share certain commonalities. In a guest article, Jonathan Drimmer, a partner at Paul Hastings, and Yousuf Aftab of Enodo Rights & Atelier Aftab, focus on the most prominent non-judicial mechanism to resolve global ESG disputes, the OECD National Contact Point (NCP) process. They provide background on the NCP process for in-house counsel and identify five steps companies should take when considering whether and how to participate in an NCP-specific instance. See “The Global Modern Slavery Landscape: Standard Practice for Maintaining Compliance” (May 29, 2019).

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