Washing Away the Stains of Corruption: Self-Cleaning in Danish Public Procurement Law

Denmark usually prides itself on being one of the least corrupt countries in the world. However, in early summer of 2015, this self-image was challenged when Atea A/S, the Danish subsidiary of the Norwegian IT hardware supplier Atea ASA, came under investigation for bribery. After an investigation and conviction, the company was facing a four-year ban from government contracts. However, through a so-called “self-cleaning” process, the company was able to avoid the consequences of a conviction for corruption. In a guest article, Tormod Tingstad and Mads Peder Brøchner Jespersen of the law firm Kammeradvokaten/Poul Schmith in Copenhagen, Denmark, explain the process that ultimately led to the conclusion that Atea had demonstrated its reliability. See “Examining Transparency International’s 24th Annual Corruption Perception Index: Key Critiques and Takeaways” (Apr. 03, 2019).

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