How the Continued Political Fallout From the Odebrecht Scandal Is Affecting Anti-Corruption Efforts in Latin America (Part Two of Two)

Repercussions from the Odebrecht scandal have reached far and wide, disrupting public and private careers across countries, but have also engendered a larger anti-corruption movement in the nations affected. In this second part of our conversation with Ropes & Gray partner Nicholas Berg, he shares his take on Mexican anti-corruption enforcement, the potential systemic change across Latin America and how multinational companies should approach the region in this anti-corruption climate. In the first part, Berg discussed the implications from Odebrecht in Peru and the ripple effect on the rest of South America, including which changes have and have not worked so far, and the impact of U.S. government initiatives. See our series on the Odebrecht and Braskem Settlements: “Myriad Bribes, Two Companies and One Multibillion Dollar Global Settlement” (Jan. 18, 2017), and “Brazilian Enforcers Are MVPs” (Feb. 1, 2017).

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