Managing M&A Anti-Corruption Risk: Pre-Deal Prep

The dry, clinical lingo used to describe compliance and anti-corruption tasks associated with mergers and acquisitions – “pre-acquisition due diligence,” “negotiation of representations and warranties” and “post-acquisition integration and diligence” – belies what can be enormous pressure to get a deal done quickly and to avoid a worst-case scenario in which a company unwittingly buys some very expensive FCPA liability. One need only look to a few FCPA settlements reached in the last year or so that involved problems stemming from M&A to appreciate the vital need for candid and accurate compliance and anti-corruption counsel before, during and after a deal. In this three-part series, the Anti-Corruption Report addresses compliance and anti-corruption concerns in M&A from start to finish. See “How to Mitigate FCPA Risk Before and After an Acquisition” (Feb. 18, 2015).

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