Judge’s Refusal to Approve Civil FCPA Settlement Raises Concerns for Future FCPA Settlements with the SEC

A federal judge’s frustration with the SEC’s enforcement policies could have important consequences for companies subject to the civil provisions of the FCPA.  U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon of the U.S District Court for the District of Washington, D.C. announced in open court in late December that he will not “rubber stamp” a settlement agreement resolving civil FCPA charges brought by the SEC against IBM in 2011, and accused the SEC of “rolling over.”  Judge Leon insisted that IBM agree to more rigorous reporting than the settlement requires.  Judge Leon’s active involvement in the settlement and his imposition of additional reporting demands on IBM could affect how other companies negotiate FCPA (and other) settlements with the SEC.  Sources told the Anti-Corruption Report that Judge Leon’s demands could lead to, among other things, more widespread judicial scrutiny of settlements, and ultimately more enforcement actions settled administratively.

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