Structuring FCPA Books and Records Controls to Withstand SEC Scrutiny Without Impairing Sales

Although the FCPA is commonly known as an “anti-bribery” law, it is frequently difficult for the SEC and DOJ to prove that a suspect payment was made with the requisite “corrupt” intent to establish a violation of FCPA Section 78dd-a.  However, investigations of suspect payments often reveal violations of FCPA Section 78m, which requires a company to maintain appropriate internal accounting controls and accurate books and records (the Accounting Provisions).  Even if a payment to a government official does not constitute an impermissible bribe, if that payment is recorded as a sales commission, then the company can still be held liable for an FCPA Accounting Provisions violation.  A recent webinar shed light on SEC enforcement and investigative priorities with regard to the Accounting Provisions and on how companies can approach the development of suitable accounting controls.  This article catalogues the noteworthy insights from the webinar.

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