Handling the Challenges of Overseas Anti-Corruption Investigations: Forensic Accountants, Government Expectations, Translators, Upjohn Warnings, Privilege Issues and Recording Interviews

Internal FCPA investigations do not respect jurisdictional boundaries, and varying customs and laws of different areas critically impact not only internal investigations, but also prosecutions and litigations for multi-national companies that may follow.  Failing to identify and address the specific issues relevant to an anti-corruption investigation can have significant legal and financial consequences.  A recent panel of experts at the American Bar Association’s Institute on Internal Investigations and Forum for In-House Counsel discussed the complexities of internal investigations, sharing their advice on best practices starting with actions to take during the first 72 hours of the investigation.  From both government and private sector perspectives, the panel addressed how to handle language and cultural differences, as well as how to navigate varying legal regimes that affect privilege and complicate the collection of documents.  They also provided insight on interviewing witnesses and how best to deal with the U.S. government when it comes to disclosing an investigation.

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