How To Keep Employees Engaged and Invested in an Anti-Corruption Compliance Program

No matter how robust a compliance program is on paper, if employees do not understand the importance of compliance or are not actively participating in protecting the company, the program’s success will be limited.  Amplifying the challenge of maintaining a successful program is the reality that most corporate employees must be educated not only about anti-corruption compliance, but also about other ethical and compliance issues.  Companies attempting to spread the compliance gospel run the risk of over-communicating and losing the attention of their target audience.  In today’s complex regulatory environment, how can a company keep its employees actively engaged in its anti-corruption compliance program?  This article shares insights and strategies from in-house counsel for fostering employee interest in compliance.  See also “Comprehensive FCPA Guidance Provides a Roadmap for Companies to Reevaluate and Revise Their Compliance Policies,” The FCPA Report, Vol. 1. No. 13 (Nov. 28, 2012).

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