Charles Duross and Kara Brockmeyer Discuss What Matters to Regulators When Negotiating FCPA Settlements (Part Two of Two)

What are FCPA regulators and prosecutors looking for during company presentations?  How can a company shorten the time from its first meeting with the government to the resolution of its FCPA issues?  Charles Duross, Deputy Chief of the Fraud Section of the Criminal Division of the DOJ, and Kara Brockmeyer, Chief of the FCPA Unit of the Division of Enforcement of the SEC, provided detailed insight at a recent ACI International Conference in Washington, D.C. on what regulators are looking for, discussing the government’s FCPA charging philosophies, investigative techniques and enforcement priorities, and dispensing advice about how companies can avoid or decrease FCPA penalties.  Among other things, the regulators highlighted the government’s continued focus on problematic travel and entertainment, warned that the DOJ and SEC will pursue matters involving charitable donations and commercial bribery, and provided tips for expediting government investigations and conducting effective settlement negotiations.  The first part of this article series contained insight from Duross and Brockmeyer about five micro trends within the overarching trend of increased FCPA enforcement: prosecution of individuals, SEC administrative proceedings focused on FCPA violations, increasing coordination between global regulators on anti-corruption matters, the persistence of use of corporate monitors following FCPA settlements and the continued FCPA risk posed by use of third parties.  See also “Top Government and Private FCPA Practitioners Discuss Global Enforcement, Self-Reporting, Facilitation Payments, M&A Due Diligence, Jurisdiction and NPAs” (May 29, 2013).

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