Extraction, engineering, pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturers — FCPA prosecutors have already swept through these industries. Are private equity firms next?  In a guest article, Laurence A. Urgenson, Joseph De Simone, Audrey L. Harris, Matthew A. Rossi, Matthew Alexander and Melanie M. Burke, attorneys at Mayer Brown LLP, assert that, using Dodd-Frank and the SEC’s new presence exams, the government may very well turn its attention towards the private equity industry.  They detail the enforcement landscape, the bribery risks for private equity firms (among other things: hiring practices, sovereign wealth funds, acquisitions and joint ventures) and best practices to mitigate those risks.  See also “Buyer Beware: Understanding and Mitigating Parent Company FCPA Liability in the Context of Private Equity Acquisitions” (Jul. 24, 2013).

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