Social Media: Navigating the Next Generation of FCPA Compliance (Part Two of Two)

Social media can help and hurt compliance efforts – providing the opportunity to spread the compliance message and aid in due diligence efforts, but also potentially exposing the company to harm caused by inappropriate posts.  In this, the second article in our series on the advantages and pitfalls of social media, we discuss best practices for including social media in compliance policies, such as in training, messaging, and monitoring compliance programs; how social media use can help demonstrate good behavior to the government; and how to handle the risks that including social media as part of a compliance program pose.  The first article discussed how companies can use social media to aid with due diligence of third parties and target companies; the limits of using social media for those purposes; government expectations; and how to use social media during internal investigations.  See also “In-House Experts Discuss Social Media Pitfalls and Compliance Opportunities” (Jul. 23, 2014).

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