Four Compliance Lessons from Lesser-Known FCPA Cases

In today’s active FCPA enforcement environment, the compliance bar is always rising.  Although most compliance specialists are familiar with the details of the headline-grabbing cases such as PetroTiger and FLIR, smaller, less-publicized cases can also provide valuable insight on how best to avoid FCPA liability.  In a recent webinar hosted by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, Bill Currier, a partner at White & Case, and Sulaksh Shah, a partner in PwC’s forensic service practice, discussed how companies can use the SEC and DOJ’s enforcement activity in recent, lower-profile corruption cases to tailor their compliance programs to the unique needs, risks and structures of their businesses or industries.  See also “Best Practices for Reviewing Anti-Corruption Compliance Programs: Government Expectations, Scheduling and Staffing (Part One of Three)” (Aug. 7, 2013); “Challenges, Preparation and Risk Evaluation (Part Two of Three)” (Aug. 21, 2013); and “Implementation, Remediation and Documents (Part Three of Three)” (Sep. 11, 2013).

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