How Will the Yates Memo Change DOJ Enforcement? (Part Two of Two)

Last month, Deputy Attorney General Sally Quillian Yates issued a memo to all United States Attorneys outlining “six key steps” designed to strengthen the DOJ’s “pursuit of individual corporate wrongdoing.”  The Anti-Corruption Report spoke to three former DOJ attorneys about how the Yates Memo may affect companies and their compliance programs.  The first article in this two-part series assessed how much of a policy shift the Yates Memo truly represents and how it may affect a target’s decision to cooperate with the government.  This second article focuses on two other major issues raised by the Memo: (1) the directive to gather information about individual culpability earlier and (2) a possible increase in the number of civil actions brought against individuals.  It also discusses whether companies should reconsider their internal investigation procedures. See also “FCPA Enforcement Officials and Defense Bar Debate FCPA Policy” (Jun. 10, 2015).

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