Creating a Values-Based Compliance Code and Recruiting Compliance Champions to Spread the Message

How can a company create a compliance policy that reflects its core business values?  Once that policy is created, how can a company spread the compliance message effectively across multiple nationalities, languages and countries?  How can it encourage employees to comply with the updated policy?  Accomplishing those goals is no easy task, Dr. Marsha Ershaghi Hames, practice leader in LRN’s education, culture and leadership advisory services department, told The FCPA Report during a recent interview.  Ershaghi Hames discussed how a company should evaluate its current code, how it can spread the message amongst employees, how it can use regional compliance champions to strengthen its messaging and more.  See also “How to Build a Compliant Culture and Stronger Company from the ‘Middle’ (Part One of Three),” The FCPA Report, Vol. 4, No. 7 (Apr. 1, 2015); Part Two, Vol. 4, No. 8 (Apr. 15, 2015); Part Three, Vol. 4, No. 9 (Apr. 29, 2015).

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