How the Expanding Petrobras Scandal May Spark a New Era of Multi-Lateral Enforcement

More than two years after Brazilian authorities launched their investigation into Petrobras, the consequences of the scandal continue to grow, stretching beyond the borders of Brazil and potentially encompassing other state-owned or operated entities.  In a recent webinar, attorneys from Mayer Brown and its Brazilian affiliate, Tauil & Chequer Advogados, describe the latest developments, including a Peruvian investigation into construction companies allegedly involved in the Petrobras scandal and what they say may be a potential U.S. “sweep” of companies with ties to state-owned entities, illustrated by an investigation of the Venezuelan state-owned oil company.  They also offered advice on how companies can avoid the fallout from these investigations.  See “Operation Car Wash: Examining the History and Consequences of the Petrobras Scandal” (Mar. 18, 2015); and “Experts on Brazilian Law Explain the Latest Fallout from the Petrobras Scandal” (May 27, 2015).

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