Hiring Practices and FCPA Compliance in the Wake of the BNY Settlement (Part Two of Two)

Adding to the list of creative ways to accomplish bribery, the SEC’s recent settlement with BNY demonstrated that, at least in the SEC’s opinion, a job can be a “thing of value” that can lead to an FCPA violation. The government made it clear that to avoid such violations, any robust anti-corruption program must integrate policies about hiring practices. Going forward, companies can use the settlement documents as a helpful roadmap for updating their compliance program to meet the SEC’s maturing expectations. The Anti-Corruption Report spoke to a number of experts in the field (including the chief compliance officer of a multinational company) who together identified three key aspects of a hiring policy and discussed how companies should be updating their training program. In the first article in this two-article series, we considered the expansion of FCPA liability and its broader implications for FCPA enforcement. See “BNY Mellon Settles Nepotism-Related Charges for $14.8 Million” (Aug. 19, 2015).

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