Regional Risk Spotlight: Giovanni Falcetta of TozziniFreire Talks Anti-Corruption in Brazil Beyond the Petrobras Scandal

Corruption in Brazil has been all over the news recently with the fallout from the Operation Car Wash investigation affecting all levels of government. Former President Lula da Silva is facing possible jail time and current President Dilma Rousseff is facing possible impeachment related to corruption. While Petrobras, Brazil’s state-controlled oil company and the main target of the investigation, grabs most of the headlines, there is more to Brazil’s corruption landscape than the current scandal. In recent years the government has reformed the country’s anti-corruption laws, and enforcement is on the rise, making compliance a hot topic at many Brazilian companies. The Anti-Corruption Report recently spoke with Giovanni Paolo Falcetta, a partner at TozziniFreire based in São Paulo, about the corruption climate in Brazil today and what companies need to know when operating there. See “Operation Car Wash: Examining the History and Consequences of the Petrobras Scandal” (Mar. 18, 2015).

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