Navigating Data Privacy Laws in Cross-Border Investigations

Conducting a cross-border investigation or performing global due diligence each has its own set of unique challenges, which only become more formidable when coupled with a formal anti-corruption inquiry. In the E.U. in particular, issues range from confusing and often conflicting privacy laws, to language and cultural barriers, to custodian access and local coordination. In a guest article, Deena Coffman and Nina Gross, managing directors at BDO, provide insight on the data privacy landscape in the E.U. and how to comply with competing demands during a cross-border investigation. See “Conflicting Compliance Obligations: How to Navigate Data Privacy Laws While Performing Internal Investigations and Promoting FCPA Compliance in the E.U. (Part One of Three)” (Jan. 9, 2013); Part Two (Jan. 23, 2013); Part Three (Feb. 6, 2013).

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