NAVEX Global Offers Benchmarking Data on Hotline and Internal Reporting Mechanisms

Tracking hotline and other incident reports is an important way for organizations to evaluate the effectiveness of their compliance efforts and monitor their risks. NAVEX Global recently released its 2017 “Ethics & Compliance Hotline & Incident Management Benchmark Report,” which parses nearly 1 million individual reports from its client database through a number of useful lenses, including the type of allegation reported, whether reports are anonymous and the rate at which reports are substantiated. We analyze the report with input from a webinar featuring Carrie Penman, Navex’s chief compliance officer and senior vice president, and Edwin O’Mara, its operations manager. For more insight from Navex, see “Ten Key Compliance Measures CCOs Should Implement in 2016” (Apr. 20, 2016); and “NAVEX Global Identifies Key Hurdles to Effective Compliance Training and Offers Tips to Overcome Them” (Sep. 9, 2015).

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