In-House Perspectives on Third-Party Due Diligence: Right-Sizing and Risk Ranking (Part One of Three)

The last several years of FCPA enforcement and government messaging have proven to even the most skeptical that an effective third-party due diligence program is a necessary part of any multinational business. Despite, or perhaps because of, a wealth of information on the topic, many companies still struggle with how to create and maintain such a program. To assist companies in benchmarking and enhancing their third-party diligence programs, the Anti-Corruption Report spoke with in-house compliance professionals hailing from a wide range of companies operating in a variety of industries, including experts from BDP International, NBCUniversal, Public Interest Registry and TE Connectivity. See “Training Insights From In-House Experts (Part One of Two)” (Jun. 1, 2016); and Part Two (Jun. 15, 2016).

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