ACR Program Examines FCPA Enforcement and Local Anti-Corruption Efforts in China and Singapore

Asia has long been the most active region for FCPA enforcement actions and investigations. China, which over the past nine years has had more than three dozen actions involving conduct in the pharmaceuticals, technology, manufacturing and other industries, has recently launched its own anti-corruption regime with a new super agency to enforce it. Additionally, the Keppel Offshore & Marine settlement (involving a decade of bribery committed by the world’s largest oil-rig builder) in late 2017 brought Singapore into the anti-corruption spotlight. During a recent program presented by the Anti-Corruption Report, local experts examined FCPA enforcement as well as local anti-corruption efforts in China and Singapore, challenges in conducting internal investigations in China, and the role of whistleblowers in the region. See “Practitioners Take the Pulse of Anti-Corruption Compliance and Enforcement in China” (Mar. 15, 2017).

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