DOJ’s New VSD Program Offers NPAs to Individuals Who Can Help Catch Bigger Fish

In what feels like a blitz of policy announcements, the DOJ recently introduced yet another program aimed at encouraging people to bring evidence of wrongdoing to its door through voluntary self-disclosure. On April 15, 2024, the DOJ’s Criminal Division announced a new Pilot Program that offers wrongdoers NPAs if they turn themselves – and their co‑conspirators – in. To receive an NPA, individuals must meet several specific criteria, which raises the question: Is it worth the risk? We spoke with experts in the field to find out. See our two-part series on the DOJ’s intention to launch a whistleblower program: “What Will It Look Like?” (Mar. 27, 2024), and “What Does It Mean for Whistleblowers?” (Apr. 10, 2024).

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