Embedding Compliance Across the ESG Value Chain

Climate disclosures, ESG and sustainability were the subject of several sessions at Compliance Week’s 19th annual national conference held in April 2024 in Washington, D.C. One panel, moderated by Russell Dover of Diligent, delved into growing challenges that companies are facing amidst the plethora of emerging U.S. and global rules, laws, directives and standards. Panelists included Michele Cahn, vice president of global government affairs, CSR and compliance at Xerox; Hemma R. Lomax, global head of integrity, governance, risk and compliance at Zendesk; and Matthew Sekol, sustainability global black belt at Microsoft and author of the book ESG Mindset. This article distills some of their insights. See “ABC Trends in 2023 Include ESG” (Feb. 15, 2023).

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