The New Landscape of Corporate Social Responsibility Regulation and Its Overlap with FCPA Compliance

New legislative demands on companies go beyond just prohibiting bribery to impose broader social responsibility, such as certifying that their products were not made with child labor, that their employees and supply chain partners did not engage in any trafficking-related activities, and others.  A broad anti-corruption program can incorporate social responsibility and supply chain issues as well as FCPA and anti-bribery elements, as many of the risk areas and bad actors – third parties especially – overlap.  This article – based on a panel at the ABA’s Fifth Annual FCPA Institute in Washington, D.C. on October 19, 2012, as well as independent research – discusses the current international landscape of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) laws around the world; the potential tension between CSR and bribery laws; how CSR and FCPA violations overlap; how companies can adapt their FCPA compliance programs to integrate CSR and broader corruption issues; and the likely ways in which the new CSR laws will be enforced.

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