Ten Steps A Company Can Take to Mitigate Corruption Risk When Entering a New Market (Part One of Two)

New markets promise tremendous opportunities for growth and expansion, but also are filled with potential corruption landmines – new business partners, different cultural norms and local laws are only a few of the issues that can trip up a company.  The Anti-Corruption Report's ten-step guide to mitigating corruption risk when entering a new market will help companies create and implement an effective market-entry strategy.  This, the first article in a two-part series, discusses the first four steps: how a company can build a risk profile for the country, the various methods companies can use to enter new markets and how to mitigate the risk from local partners and other third parties.  The second article will address: logistical challenges, disclosures to local governments, integration plans, compliance programs and monitoring and reviewing the compliance program.  See “Gibson Dunn Attorneys Take the Pulse of Anti-Corruption Risks in Emerging Markets” (Feb. 5, 2014).

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