What Does the PetroTiger Case Mean for FCPA Compliance?  Sigelman’s Attorneys and Other Experts Weigh In

The DOJ’s latest FCPA trial, the case against former PetroTiger CEO Joseph Sigelman, ended abruptly in a guilty plea on June 15 after the government’s star witness admitted to perjury on the stand.  The DOJ also declined to prosecute PetroTiger in its second public FCPA declination (the first was the oft-cited Morgan Stanley case).  How did the parties approach the trial?  How do they assess the plea?  What do the plea and declination mean for FCPA enforcement and compliance?  Sigelman’s attorneys, the DOJ and other FCPA experts shared their insights on those questions and more with the Anti-Corruption Report.  See also “A Guilty Plea and Two Flight Risks in PetroTiger Colombian Bribery Case” (Jan. 22, 2014).

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