Corruption and the Greater Good: NGOs and International Compliance Risk

Each year, non-governmental and not-for-profit organizations (NGOs) expend billions of dollars in grants and services in countries struggling to combat political corruption and provide adequate public services. Yet, many such organizations systematically underestimate the risk bribery and illicit dealings pose to their overseas operations. In a guest article, Kim Nemirow, a partner at Ropes & Gray, and her associates Andrew O’Connor and David Rojas, identify several key areas of corruption risk for NGOs and outline seven steps that NGOs can take to address these risks allowing them to keep their resources focused on greater goals. See our three-part series on detecting and mitigating corruption risk when participating in public procurements : “Understanding the Procurement Process” (May 13, 2015); “Steps to Take Prior to Entering into a Procurement Process” (May 27, 2015); and “Seven Steps to Take During and After a Procurement Process” (Jun. 10, 2015).

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