DOJ Reiterates Commitment to FCPA Enforcement but Resources May Become an Issue

Despite a slowdown in settlement activity since they took power, Trump administration officials have been quick to reassure the anti-corruption compliance community that FCPA enforcement will remain a priority. In a recent presentation during ACI’s Advanced Forum on FCPA and Anti-Corruption in the Life Sciences Industry, Sandra Moser, the Acting Chief of the Fraud Section, and James Loonam, the Deputy Chief of the Business and Securities Fraud Section at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the EDNY, echoed the statements of DOJ leadership. They promised continued enforcement, robust investigations of individuals and ongoing transparency. The Anti-Corruption Report discussed the government’s presentation with several prominent members of the FCPA defense bar who agreed that enforcement is likely to continue but warned that as priorities shift, so may DOJ resources. See “DOJ Seeks to Reassure on FCPA Enforcement” (Apr. 26, 2017).

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